Glass door related events

- Aug 20, 2018-

On May 9, 2010, Jinan citizens spontaneously jumped into the spring pool to clean the glass slag. recently,public voluntarily cleaned the glass There are a large number of glass fragments in the pool of the black tiger spring, the spring, and the Wulian spring, which are known as the seventy-two springs in Jinan. The public said: This is the measure taken by the management department to stop tourists from swimming in the water. But the management denied this claim, saying they didn't know who did it. Black Tiger Spring is one of the 72 springs in Jinan. During the year, a considerable number of citizens raise buckets to go to the Black Tiger Spring to make tea. In the summer, citizens and tourists jump into the spring pool to swim. In response to the problem of swimming in the spring pool, some citizens think that this kind of behavior is "inconspicuous", and some citizens feel that it is a "city landscape." For this reason, Jinan citizens have called on the government to establish a "spring water bathing beach" for many years. The "glass door" incident, which was called the famous spring by the citizens of Jinan, once again triggered the problem of the management of the spring pool. At one time, people talked about it.