Glass door type

- Aug 20, 2018-

First, decorative glass door

Including frosted glass, embossed glass, engraved glass, glazed glass, sprayed glass, ice glass, emulsified glass, etc., mainly in the production of different patterns. Different colors, good gloss effect, excellent decorative effect, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, anti-scour and so on.

Second, the safety glass door

Including tempered glass, bulletproof glass, wired glass and laminated glass. Good lighting, easy

Cleaning, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, no scattering after fragmentation, not easy to hurt people. And there is a certain anti-grab, anti-theft, fire prevention effect.

Third, energy-saving glass doors

Special treatment and coloring are applied to the glass to effectively absorb solar radiation heat and achieve energy saving effect. Secondly, it absorbs ultraviolet light and visible light to prevent ultraviolet rays from affecting the interior and softening the light.

Fourth, coated glass door

Coated coated glass has a one-way penetration function of line of sight (line of sight can only be viewed from the side of the coating to the uncoated side). At the same time, it can enlarge the indoor space and the visual field, and the thermal insulation and sound insulation effect is good. It can be used in the wall of buildings, pillars, corridors, etc., and is also widely used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office buildings.