How to deal with the film on the Plastic Composite Doors

- Feb 10, 2019-

Preparation tools: 1 hair dryer (with hot air), steel ball (slightly thinner wire), 1 bottle of white wine, 2 rags.

Film removal step: connect the power supply of the hair dryer, turn on the hot air, blow the residual film, and see the film peeled off when the small bubble is blown off. If it is not easy to tear it off, use the prepared thin steel ball to slowly smash, be careful not to use force. If the force is applied, the paint on the stainless steel door and window may be damaged. If the wooden door is used, it is even harder. If the hair dryer is not good, use a rag to rub the white wine a little bit. Just wipe it and use a steel ball. It will soon fall. Wash the rag, screw it to the water, and wipe the door again.