How to maintain WPC waterproof door

- Feb 01, 2019-

1.WPC waterproof doors are afraid of water. If it is really blistered, it is generally very troublesome, but for the problem of moisture protection, the finished interior door industry is doing well, and Klass has done more in-depth things, such as carat. The façade has a moisture-proof layer, which will reduce the waterproof problem of the interior door. The kitchen and the bathroom should pay attention to not accumulating water, especially the bottom of the door cover.


2. In the winter heating problem, the indoors should not be too dry, the humidity in the air should be kept at about 40%, which is the best state for the floor, the interior door, and even the home. Keep the indoor ventilation well, so that the interior door is under normal room temperature and humidity, prevent the wooden products from being deformed due to humidity and excessive temperature difference. The metal parts are rusted, edge-sealed, and the facing materials fall off. In the winter, electric heaters or other heating are used. Keep the equipment away from wood products to prevent it from being deformed by heat.


3. WPC waterproof door paint is afraid of bumping, so pay attention to impact protection.


4. In terms of cleaning, it cannot be scrubbed with an organic solvent, and the organic solvent will damage the paint layer on the surface. When painting the wall, cover the WPC waterproof door to avoid the paint falling on the surface of the product, so that the facing material is peeled off and faded, which affects the overall appearance. The WPC waterproof door is a solid wood skin, which is very afraid of fire.


4. The hinges and locks are movable parts. When loosening occurs, they should be tightened immediately. The sound of the hinge should be filled in time. When the lock is opened, it is not flexible. Add the appropriate amount of pencil core to the keyhole. Do not fill the oil.