Interior Door Selection Skills

- Aug 20, 2018-

1. Look at the style and color first. The purpose of decorating the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first thing to consider when choosing a wooden door is the harmony of the style and color of the wooden door. The decorative style is smooth and clean, and the choice is generous and simple; the lively and bright, we choose the light and elegant to match; the classical comfort is decorated with thick and elegant. In short, it is recommended to choose a style acquaintance class,

2, then rely on color. Good color matching is the key element of the dyeing room, so after we have determined the style, the second thing to consider is the color of the wooden door and the color of the room. The color matching of the room is basically similar to the chromaticity. The contrast factor is added. We can first divide the color and darkness of the living room, which can be divided into three major colors; wall, floor and furniture soft decoration. Basically, it is enough to keep these three colors, not too much. The color of the wooden door can be considered close to the furniture color, such as the ground is the dark floor wall white with the purple wooden door. The contrast of the environment and the harmony of the environment. If you don't have much confidence or do not recommend it under the guidance of professionals, don't always think about comparing everything. In fact, the environment has been compared. You just need to find the color of the door. Close to the ground, or the wall or furniture, and then distinguish the details, such as the texture of the wooden door and the wood grain on the ground. As for which color to rely on, it should be measured according to the actual situation.

3, feel the touch. After considering the style and color, it is followed by the process and quality of the product. It is unlikely that we will go to the factory to see how he is processed. The quality of the product can only be assessed by simple visual inspection. Here I teach you two words: hand touch and side light. Hand rubbing the door, panel, corner of the door, requires no scratch, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to see if there is any uneven wave on the painted surface of the door. Basically, you can know whether the work is qualified by these two.